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We all live in a busy world and with our hectic schedule; a good balance between life and work maybe seems like an impossible thing to do Every day, you have to juggle our priorities which vary enormously and it is very difficult to do it all at the same time. There is no magic formula to properly find the balance in life and work. However, if you know what you really need and recognize the importance of being flexible in order to adapt to this various needs, you will be able to find the balance between life and work.

Here are some ideas you might want to give a try to beat the burnout and make more time for yourself, your work and family.

Know Your Priorities

The first step in achieving balance between work and life is to determine what really matters to you. List down you priorities from the most important to the least important, this way you will be able to know where to put your focus more. Once you identify what truly matters to you, you will be able to determine what makes you fulfilled and happy with life.

Embrace Imperfection

Life is complicated and you cannot expect that everything will go as you planned. Learn to embrace the imperfections in life. As you go climb the ladder of success in life and work, expect that you will have some rough time and what you see above may not be what you imagine it to be. Being a perfectionist will get you nowhere, in fact, it may be one of the causes of your downfall.


Think Challenges As Opportunities

It is time for you to rethink and re-programmed yourself on how you see challenges in life. Challenges in life are not hindrance to your success but are stepping stone for you to improve and be better than what you are before. Challenges are opportunities in disguised so learn to accept the challenge wholeheartedly and surpass that challenge.

Get Moving And Stay Active

No matter how busy you are in life, make some time for the crucial things in life. Eat well and exercise regularly. Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to reduce stress. Exercise makes your life active. It is an energy-booster that will push you to do more. It also pumps endorphin in your body, a “feel-good” hormone that lift your mood. Furthermore, it is time for you to reassess you health routine. Balance is not just all about completing your task or achieving something, it is also include how you care for yourself.

Have Some Time Off

Know when to press that “off” button.  It may be difficult for a lot of people to do this, thinking that they will miss out a lot. But think of it as a refresh button for your body. When you take some time off, you will be able to recharge to make you do more things when you get started all over again.

In this world, where people have to find a good job in order to survive, it may be a challenge to achieve and maintain a work-life balance. However, you need not to wrestle with your priorities to do it. If you think about it, it is just all about how you adapt to the changes that comes in your way. Furthermore, you can also make a little change for yourself. Start living healthy… go organic and natural. Have some time for yourself and keep your body firm and toned without using complicated cosmetics procedure, instead use the Ultimate Body Applicator wraps to achieve a beautiful, healthy and firm body that will make you feel good and look good about yourself.

Let’s Get Physical: Pumping Your Workout With Music

Let’s Get Physical: Pumping Your Workout With Music

Indeed, no matter how different we are, we all have that one striking thing in common – music. Whether it is taking us on a journey or setting the tone at a party, music is everywhere. Our connection with music runs deeper than we initially thought because it is something we listen to for fun and enjoyment. According to research, music has the power to pump your exercise. Although we often experience music in our daily lives, our brains also hear it and respond in unique ways.

Music can change our perception of how difficult our tasks are. Working out with music will allow for increased physical results without feeling like we are working any harder than usual. When listening to favorite playlist, we are distracted from exertion and repetition of our exercise so we are able to exercise harder for longer. Music-driven physical benefits are also boosted even more when you do not just work out to the beat, rather become responsible for the beat. This is evident especially when you kick a punching bag and hear its quality, intensity and precision of your strikes reflected in how it sounds. It lowers also perceived physical exertion and makes strenuous activities less physically exhausting.

Let’s Get Physical: Pumping Your Workout With Music

Below are some simple tips you can put into action to increase your endurance, burn more calories and push through even the most challenging exercise.

  • Listen to your body working – Try to turn your body into an instrument by listening to your own movements. Do take note of how your feet sound on the floor or how loud you are when you are kicking a punching bag. Try to clap your hands to make some noise during exercises like lunges or squats.
  • Synchronize with the beat – Look for the basic downbeat and try to time your movements to it. You can run to the temp of a certain fast-paced song or walk-moderately to a paced tune. Ensure that every step, move and stroke is well-timed to the downbeat to maximize your exercise.
  • Turn your fave song into an interval workout – Double your pacing and sprint every time you hear the chorus or the part of the song that repeats. This basically designs a perfect 3-5 minute interval workout. If you have a 12-song playlist, then you will have a great thirty to fifty-minute interval workout in the bag.
  • Make your body an instrument – For exercise in which you can hear your body working, you can burn more calories and stress by getting louder. Linking a sound with your move will provide your body and brain with a powerful feedback that will improve the coordination, precision, spatial awareness and timing.
Music is a good motivation if you want to stay fit and healthy. [Tweet Me!]

This is also helpful if you came from a long hiatus and want to get back on the fitness wagon. Choose songs that will keep you going and will make you enjoy your work out routine for optimum results.



Fall is the perfect time to do your outdoor exercises because it is not too hot nor too cold. This season has the right temperature to keep you fit and maintain your healthy figure. Although you can perform some of the obvious workouts like swimming, running, cycling and others, below are some workouts that are done only in the gym that you can try this fall. So, it will be a killer workout and a double win of fresh air this fall.

Lunges on the Slide

This workout is perfect for toning your hamstrings and glutes. This kind of exercise also challenges your balance and coordination, which can help build strength in the abdominal. You can do this by standing at the bottom of the slide and try lifting one of your leg back onto the slide. Next bend your knee of your leg that is on the ground. Make sure that the knee does not pass your toe. Then press through your heel up to tits starting position. Try repeating on your other foot.

Triceps Dip On The Bench

Toned triceps are often associated with the chiseled-arm look that almost everyone is after. Try stepping up your dips with the use of the bench. Position with your hands shoulder-width apart, then slide your butt off the front of your bench and then bend your elbows until hitting about 90 degrees. Slowly extending your back up into a slightly bent position, which is almost straight to complete a one repetition.



They are part of any of the important hardcore workout. Burpees can speed up your heart rate immediately and work some of your large muscle groups, so they can really ignite your calories. Start standing with the feet shoulder-width apart and try bending your knees into a squat. Next, place your hands down on the ground and kick your own feet back so that you will be in a plank position. Then, complete one push up and bring your feet back to its original squat position and jump up, then repeat.

Swing Knee Tucks

These are very similar to your TRX knee trucks that are good for your abs. Try getting up into a push up position with the feet resting on the swing. Then, bend your knees and bring them toward the chest and straighten it. Ensure to keep your track the back straight and the shoulders and arms aligned. Repeat this exercise.

Step-up on the Bench

Place one of your foot on the bench and simply step it up, bringing your other foot up. You must focus on pushing through your own heel rather than your own toe for maximum benefits of your hamstrings and glutes. Just step down the same foot you started with and repeat on the other side.

Above are only some of the body and skin care tips you should do this autumn, especially that Halloween is approaching. Fall is a great holiday to workout and maximize this holiday season by getting fit and healthy.



Just by making some small changes, you can definitely control your eating and get fit. These small adjustments and tweaks to your lifestyle can add up to your money savings and at the same time help you in reaching your fitness goals.

Here are five practical tips that can help you stay fit and even save you money.

Be Prepared

Planning ahead and be prepared is the most important step towards making sure that you are eating nutritious foods in proper and right portions. Deciding your own weekly menu and buying in advance will arm you for success. Prepare your snacks and meals for the week during Sunday and try to portion them out in the refrigerator in the containers. You can try hard boil five to six eggs and keep them in the refrigerator for your snacks or breakfast. You can also try to grill up a bunch of fish or chicken breast and portion it along with steamed broccoli, asparagus or green beans in your containers for your lunch, dinner and snacks.

Eliminate Temptations

Go through your pantry and refrigerator and round-up all the indulgent foods. If you have opened packages or containers, then toss them out. Although it may seem wasteful and it can also feel painful to throw them away that you spent money on. However, it does not mean that you will keep this food in your home. Some cities have food banks and pantries an willing to accept unopened canned goods and dry goods. Try searching online for the nearest food pantry and find out what food you can donate. If it is out of sight, then you’ll eat less.


Avoid Emotional Eating

Stress, boredom or anger can drive you to eat less healthy foods or eat too much. If you are feeling any of these emotions, then stop and ask yourself, “Am I hungry or just looking for an emotional fix?”. Divert your attention to something helpful that will forget your emotional feeling. A short walk outside might help. Doing your hobbies or sports you love is also a great way to stay active and fit and forget emotional eating.

Fill Your Plate With Vegetables

Getting a daily recommended seven servings of healthy vegetables and fruits every day can be challenging, yet if you make sure that meal and snack includes one or two servings of fruits or vegetables, then you will be there at the end of the day. You can try filling at least half of the plate with these healthy foods during lunch and dinner. This will also help in cutting the calories without leaving you feeling hungry.

Trick Your Brain and Stomach

Eating your lunch and dinner on smaller plates can help in eating too much. Seeing a fuller plate can trick the brain into thinking that you are already eating more and feel full faster. If you are on your cheat day, there are routine that will work best and control what you eat.



Although it might be tempting to eat a low calorie diet to get fit and healthy, doing so could put you at a nutritional deficit and eventually will make it harder for you to get in shape. That is why a balanced and proper diet is very essential for optimum physical and health condition. By eating the right amount of healthy foods, you can get in the best shape possible and exercise to your fullest potential.

Defining a Balanced Diet

You will need to eat well to support your active lifestyle, yet determining what constitutes a healthy diet can be tricky. A lot of diet plans need you to give up this or that kind of foods, however restriction is unnecessary. Generally, a healthy diet consists of healthy vegetables, fresh fruits, low or non-fat dairy products and whole grains. You must also include protein from meat, fish, eggs, poultry and nuts and limit your consumption of sugar, salt and fat.

Food is Your Fuel

A right and balanced diet is important for maintaining your physical fitness because the food is simply fuel. The foods you eat has calories and these calories should be burned by your body to power all your body’s functions. According to experts, what you need is a diet that is high in healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Likewise, a diet should be low in saturated fat and low in cholesterol.


Your Immune System

Eating a balanced diet can help boost or maintain the immune system, which is important for optimum physical fitness. Eating nutritious foods can boost the blood flow that is vital for the immune system’s functions. You can eat foods, which has antioxidants such as legumes, green tea or take supplements rich in zinc, iron, selenium, vitamins B and C.

Workout Benefits

Since eating healthy foods can improve your overall health, it makes sense that it can help your workout routine as well. Having the nutrition you need, makes sure that you have enough energy to perform exercise on a regular basis and get the most out of your every day workout. Just make sure that about 60 percent of your healthy diet comes from complex carbohydrates, mostly found in whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits. The rest of the diet should be a combination of unsaturated fat and lean protein.

If you are new to fitness and healthy eating, take some baby steps to improve your lifestyle. You can commit to spending ten minutes after every meal. Also gradually increase the intensity and the time of your workouts for several months. For example, you might progress from walking to jogging. Also take a similar approach to nutrition. You can replace your cookies with a piece of healthy fruit or try skipping the second for a healthy dinner. Drink plenty of water instead of soda. Cosmetic products such as body wraps can also help you to stay fit and get the excess fats in your body. Instead of using salt, use natural herbs or spices. These are only simple ways to get fit.



Cheat days can be helpful, especially when you are on a heavy diet. If you are eating at a major caloric deficit during the week, a cheat day can give you both from protection from hormonal disruption and psychological relief. A proper routine on a cheat day is not about a workout. You need to consider exercise throughout the day and drinking enough amount of water to make your routine during the cheat day as effective as possible.

Go Heavy

Training with your heavy weights during your cheat day can improve your muscle’s ability to absorb the carbohydrates in the hours following your exercise. Because of this, you should perform heavy some heavy sessions in the morning before you have eaten anything to ensure that the carbohydrates are partitioned in the muscles, rather than the fat stores. You can perform at least three sets of exercise, choosing weight that will allow you to finish at least five repetitions each exercise. The combination of compound movements can increase your ability to burn a higher number of calories at a high rate over the day.

Go Hard

As days go on and you are eating more and more, your early workout’s protective impact will wear off. In this stage, you are running the risk of gaining some body fats on your cheat day. To prevent this, just simply include a quick body weight session before a big meal after midday. Before sitting down to eat, you can sneak off and do at least thirty to forty wall presses or push ups. By doing this, it will open the metabolic pathways that direct the energy into the muscles, and not into your fat sores.


Keep Hydrated

It is essential that after your bodyweight and exercise routines to drink plenty of water. (Tweet Me!) Keeping hydrated over the course of the day can help you digest your food more efficient and helping to prevent that “stuffed” feeling on cheat days. You can be also be less likely to go overboard on what you are eating if you have enough water to help you feel you satisfied. Cheat days must certainly spike your caloric intake, yet you should not feel full to the point of being sick. Water will definitely help prevent you from reaching that point.

Get Caffeine

The final aspect of your routine during cheat day is to include a caffeine throughout the day. A caffeine can speed up your metabolism, which can increase the calorie’s rate burn on your cheat day. A cup of coffee after a morning workout, then a one or at least two cups over the course of the day. Not only caffeine can increase how fast you burn off the excess calories, yet this also acts as a diuretic, which means that you do not feel overfull after eating as you may otherwise. Just avoid sweetened coffee or with too much sugar. This routine can be helpful, especially if you are a college student who wants to stay fit despite the hectic schedule.



It’s time to toss away those expensive anti-aging creams. There is no need for scientific study to prove the exercise can delay aging process but if you really want scientific proof that exercise can reverse aging process, here it is. A study has shown that regular exercise can reduce the inflammation of the body that is connected to aging.

Regular exercise and pumping your workout brings several health benefits including making you look and feel a lot younger than your age. Exercise has certain mental and physical effects in your body and brain than can help in delaying aging process. Here are some highlighted effects of exercise in the body that will definitely motivate you.

Exercise Makes You Active, Happy and Stress-Free

Exercise is way better than energy drink when it comes to keeping you alive and alert. When you exercise, your body is in state of arousal which can provide you with more vitality and sense of well being.  Moreover, sweat-inducing cardio workout is one way to boost your mood and will give you that pleasurable feeling. It is primarily because of endorphins, the body’s natural chemicals that are released when you are active.  Being active can also keep you out of anxiety and worries which is the common causes of stress.

Exercise Can Make Your Skin Soft and Glowing

Exercise can lower blood pressure and improve your blood circulation. The blood is responsible in delivering oxygen and other nutrients to the different parts of the body including the skin. It is also responsible in carrying away waste products which include free radicals from working cells. Regular exercise helps in flushing out cellular debris and cleanses your skin from the inside which can result to soft, vibrant and glowing skin.


Exercise Improves Posture and Flexibility

As you age, muscle loss and bone density changes. To prevent this, you can focus on strength training which can improve muscle and bone health including in your core and spine. Regular exercise will make you stand taller and will help you straighten up your back that will make you seem younger that your actual age. Furthermore, as your age hits you, you muscles and joints becomes more fixed in place which reduce your flexibility. Workouts like stretching can help you keep or even improve your body’s flexibility.

Exercise Improves Your Sleep

A study has shown that exercise especially aerobic exercise can also give you quality of sleep.  Exercise acts a physical stressor to the body which the brain compensates by increasing deep sleep. Also, exercise reduces emotional health which can most of the time interfere with sleep. Having a regular physical activity can also provide the body relaxation and light therapy which can also improve the quality of sleep.

Exercise Improves Memory

Brain fog that comes with age can actually be reduced with the proper exercise. Exercise improves the brain in many ways for protection of the memory and thinking skills. By being physically active, you can reduce insulin resistance and inflammation and it can promote the release of new growth factors. These growth factors are chemicals in the brain that can affect the brain cells’ health in many ways. It can stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and improve the survival of new brain cells.

Exercise Increase Metabolism

As you get older, you lose muscle mass naturally that can slow down your metabolism and working out or having a physically active lifestyle can stop the continuous loss of muscle mass. Exercise provides the body a protective effect to stop the drop in your metabolism rate. Exercise preserves muscle strength to keep it healthy.  When you increase your muscle strength you also increase your metabolism rate. This means that your body can burn calories to keep you fit and healthy.

Exercise Slows Down Aging of Cells

Exercise doesn’t just make your feel younger but it actually turns off the aging process present in the chromosomes. Though exercise can’t give your assurance that you live longer but it gives you a greater chance to longevity.  A recent study has shown that regular exercise can actually lengthen the Telomeres. It is the cap that controls aging that become shorter as you age.

Foods You Need To Avoid That Are Actually Bad For The Skin

Foods You Need To Avoid That Are Actually Bad For The Skin

Below are some foods you need to avoid and think twice before putting them again in your mouth.

Fried Foods

Experts explained that when oil is at very high heat, the fats and oils oxidize. So when you eat fried foods, you are putting oxidized fats into your body and these are bad for the health. When an oil is used for many times, these oils become thicker and will not detox inside your body. Eating fried foods can contribute to poor blood circulation, heart diseases and weakened metabolic process. A healthy skin needs a good metabolism and circulation, thus a weak system can lead in the skin’s lack of oxygen, slowing your elastin and collagen synthesis required for a youthful and healthy skin.

Sugary Foods

Excess sugar can weaken your immune system and when the latter is suppressed, your body can’t fight off bacteria effectively. Too much sugar also contributes constipation in your bowel and can eventually lead to congestion in your skin. It is already proven that eating excess sugar has an impact on your skin negatively because sugar is acidic and can create some issues on your digestive tract. The bottom line, more bacteria, more toxins, then results to an unhealthy skin.

Foods You Need To Avoid That Are Actually Bad For The Skin

Processed Foods

Packaged and processed foods should be avoided because nutrients and living enzymes are lost or broken down during the process. Generally, the better the quality of your food is, the better it is for your skin and overall health. Raw foods, especially vegetables and fruits are higher in water content when they are in their natural state and can add hydration to your skin and body necessary for proper organ function. This is also essential for a healthy skin because it helps regulate the oil production and assists in skin detoxification.

Non-Organic Foods

These kind of foods may contain herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemical products. It can greatly affect your health and they have been found to disrupt your motor skills and associated to different health conditions and diseases. Studies also show that foods which grown organically, has three times the nutrients and vitamins than commercially grown foods. If there’s more nutrients that your body can get, the better your skin will perform and look.

Artificial Coloring and Flavorings

Artificials such as Red #5 and aspartame are already common on many foods, yet these additives are a science experiment, which you shouldn’t take. They simply contain no nutritional value and can create histamine reactions or irritate your body. As much as possible, avoid eating foods with obvious artificial colorings or flavorings with them.

If you are guilty eating of these mentioned foods and can’t help eating them, then it’s time for you to think twice and consult your nutritionist for healthy alternatives. Exercise is also important, that’s why even on this holiday season, there are simple exercises you can do outside this fall to promote healthy living.

Healthy Foods To Eat For Breakfast

Healthy Foods To Eat For Breakfast

A well-balanced diet is composed of a good nutrition from all food groups that will satisfy your body’s daily needs for essential vitamins, minerals and energy. That is why a healthy and
balanced diet is important for physical fitness. Start building dietary totals for calcium, fiber, protein and other essential nutrients in the morning with your breakfast. If you want to lose that unwanted fat, you need to cut off your calorie intake. You need to focus on incorporating these healthy foods into your breakfast routine to lose that extra weight and be healthy.

Whole-Grain Cereal

An enriched whole-grain cereal can help you avoid the mineral and vitamin deficiencies to achieve a good and healthy diet. Study says that most individuals need more potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A and C. A lot of cereals has significant amounts of these. Brown rice, whole-grain oat, barley, corn and wheat breakfast foods can help you keep your dietary levels be consistent. Make sure that you read the labels and choose cereals with low-added sugar and with low-calories.

Healthy Foods To Eat For Breakfast


Some people avoid eggs because it’s high in cholesterol, especially the yellow part. However, if you do not have a high cholesterol, eating eggs in the morning can replace the fat loss. They are balanced with protein building blocks, essential for building muscles, and with amino acids. Eating an egg in the morning can improve your workout results and help curb hunger. You will have fewer cravings the whole day and helping you to feel more satisfied.


Yogurt is a calcium-rich breakfast food that can supply nearly half of the daily recommended value of calcium, according to the FDA. It is advisable to eat only plain and fat free yogurt because adding sugar can detract from its calcium content. It is a condensed form of milk, and since milk has a lower nutrient ratio, it is a good nutritional source of calcium as well as protein, vitamins and iron. To fight belly fat, you can also try soy-yogurt. They are high in antioxidants, fiber and protein. A glass of soy milk is a good option too.


They are a good additions to your usual breakfast foods. Fruits can provide many benefits including vitamins and dietary fiber. Dried fruits like, prunes, dates and raisins have high potassium and iron content. Fresh fruits such as bananas, avocado, papayas are also good for breakfast. In the morning, you can try mixing avocado into your eggs or smoothie to boost your metabolism. Berries are also high in fiber and can help you feel more satisfied and even promote fat loss. These are only some of the foods that you can eat in the morning to provide you the energy and nutrients you need.



Almost two-thirds of the American adults are obese or overweight according to the recent study. More than half don’t meet the physical activity guidelines required by the experts. It may sound alarming, yet there are those that is able to maintain their healthy figure. So, why are some able to stay fit while others struggle to do so? Below are some healthy habits you can start to be one of those who chose to stay fitand healthy.

Follow The 85/15 Rule

A lot of fitness enthusiasts follow the 85/15 rule. This means that eighty-five percent of the time you eat in the way that will emphasize the vegetables and fruits and high-quality foods such as fish and eggs while limiting the processed ones, then the fifteen percent of the time, you can eat whatever you want. The secret is moderation. If you are eating four meals a day, that is one of your meals every two days. That is how moderation works and that is how you do a healthy diet.

Have Fun

Many physical activities does not have to be associated with drudgery. These activities can be fun if you choose to make it so. Most successful people find enjoyment and fun throughout their fitness journey. They also experiment and do all the new things all the time to stay fit. Try to look for fun with your routine. You can also pump your work out with music. Focusing on the variation and fun will keep you fully engaged with your plan.


Be Competitive

One of the greatest motivators when it comes to staying fit and healthy is competition. The latter does not necessarily mean competing with others in a bodybuilding show or a 3k race, yet it can include some of those things. However, the best competition is the one against yourself. There is a thin line between training and working out. The latter is an exercise without a concrete plan while training is goal-oriented and structured. If you just simply worked out by simply wandering around the gym with no real purpose and do some exercise that comes into your mind, then you’d likely stop being active out of the boredom or lack of results. The bottom line is, find your inner athlete within you and compete against with yourself.

Have A Healthy Lifestyle

Those people who achieve and keep up high levels of fitness aren’t interested in short-term or the temporary fixes. You will not find them dieting for six weeks just to get into a bathing suit for a vacation or that perfect Instagram selfie. Rather, they make it a permanent lifestyle and even prioritize it for the long haul. The most successful ones make nutritious eating and training a way of their lives.