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Another option to lose that stubborn weight – Peptides


Losing weight is a common goal for people looking to improve their quality of life. Whether it is someone who is more sedentary than not and looking to start an exercise program through to a regular gym junkie wanting to trim a little excess fat from overeating at Christmas time, there is a wide range of people who are looking to shed some kilos. There is a role that peptides can help to play in this process and something that pairs exceptionally well with the body wraps.

Peptides are chains of amino acids, comprising between 2 and 50 in number, that combine to form up  more complex proteins. They are imperative in helping to build DNA, tissues, genes and hormones as well as being essential for healthy pituitary gland function. The pituitary gland is responsible for regulating human growth hormone which in turn is responsible for regulating the body, the digestive system, the immune system and insulin levels. Consequently, peptides that are responsible for influencing human growth hormone will similarly hold sway over these energy systems in the body. Peptides can be difficult to purchase particularly in places like Australia and the UK, but we did find one source of Peptides in Australia. Other countries like the U.S are far more progressive in thier attitudes and a quick google search will be all you need.

There are a number of different peptides which lead to a boost in human growth hormone production. Ipamorelin, Hexarelin, Tesamorelin, GHR2, GHR6 and CJC 1295 all serve this function which makes them ideal candidates to assist with weight loss. They help to shed weight from the abdomen known as visceral fat. The stimulation of growth hormone also serves to improve the process of lipolysis, which is the mobilisation of stored energy in adipose tissue, useful in improving skeletal muscle mass. This also translates into a higher lean muscle mass rate of metabolism, improving muscular performance and helping to reduce fat.

Another advantage to peptide therapy is an improvement to cellular respiration. This helps to promote cellular activity, including the removal of damaged cells, optimising cellular function and allowing the body to work more efficiently. This in turn helps stimulate weight loss.

It is vitally important to combine peptide therapy with an active and healthy lifestyle. Eating fewer calories and reducing sugars and starches from your diet, exercising regularly, acquiring 8 hours of quality sleep and minimising stress are all going to benefit the body in achieving those weight loss goals.