Become a Distributor

Become an It Works Distributor

Are you ready to take your love of cosmetics to the next level? If you’re prepared to take the leap and join the party, find out more about becoming a distributor with It Works! We’ll show you how to market the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator, AKA That Crazy Wrap Thing!
Become a distributor

When you join the It Works Distributor Program, you’ll begin earning 10% commission on each Loyal Customer and Distributor you sign up under you. Plus, as a primary Enroller, you’ll gain an additional 5% commission. Furthermore, to make things even better, you’ll earn 10% commission on your 2nd Level Loyal Customers and Distributors. Want to hear something cool? Your commissions are virtually unlimited as you rise through the Distributor career plan!

Disclaimer: Any references to income represent average earnings and are not a guarantee that any specific amount will be earned by signing up. Earnings vary significantly depending on distributor and activities they perform while working their own businesses!

At It Works! we follow a simple system known as the “Steps to Success.” This technique is straightforward and easy to follow, and has proven to deliver results!

steps-to-successWe work tirelessly to share the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap and other Health & Wellness Supplements with the world! It’s that simple!

If you know anyone who may want to tighten, tone or firm their body, then you’re already in business. And if you’d like to earn a little more money, take the initiative! Sign up today for our Distributor Program and make yourself some extra cash.

Share it with friends and family, then perhaps with coworkers. Continue the cycle, and you’ll be in business for the long-run!