3-Step Post Holiday Detox You Can Easily Do This January

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It’s still pretty early in January; which means you can catch up to your New Year resolutions on getting fit. But instead of thinking about trying the Paleo diet, why not focus on what your body does naturally? Contrary to what most people believe, the human body is capable of cleansing itself – sans all the detox pills, drinks, and meals on the market.

Yes: with a little discipline, you can get rid of all the junk the Holidays have put on your system. And it only involves three (3) easy steps.

Step 1: Increase water intake.

Our liver and kidneys are the body’s natural detoxifying system. They rid us of unwanted wastes and toxins. Help these vital organs out by upping your water intake. It’s that simple! By drinking more fluid, you’re aiding the natural removal of waste. It also keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

If you’re not a fan of plain water, you can create your own ‘flavored water’ mixes by placing fruit slices into a pitcher overnight. Try lemons, lime, apples, and oranges. Herbs another clever idea. A few favorites would be peppermint and tarragon. Green tea also has organic cleansing properties, that could assist in getting rid of those post-Holiday blues. Drink them in the morning and before bed, to help alleviate stress, too.

Step 2: Get active.

Now that you’ve been drinking enough water (and other fluids), it’s time to sweat it out! Don’t have time to hit the gym? There are other ingenious ways to burn calories. Take the stairs in your office building, walk the dog, do chores every weekend, do jumping jacks after waking up, etc. Toxins in our body are flushed out in our sweat – so don’t forget to take a warm shower after working out!

Again, the gym is not the only place to get fit. If you’re tight on time, you can invest on a few weights and do the exercises at home. There are plenty of free mobile apps that could help you get back into shape. Try looking at Google Play or the App Store for a list of popular fitness apps.

Step 3: Cut down on excess.

This last step involves a little bit of self-control. Remember during the Holidays when you used to eat a slice of cake twice a week? Or how about clubbing until the wee hours of the morning? When you know that something is not good for you, learn to gradually cut it down. It’s not going to be easy, but you can always start today.

For instance: if you always kept ice cream in your fridge back in December 2014, exclude it from your grocery list this 2015. Opt to visit your local ice cream parlor to treat yourself. Not only will you be burning calories by walking there, you can’t be tempted with what you don’t have in your fridge!

The best thing about New Year’s is that we all get a second chance. Whether it’s to lose a few inches or to remain fit; it’s never too late to be healthy. What does this mean? To be free of sickness, able to do everyday tasks, and basically live life to the fullest!

So out with the old and in with the new. Begin your 2015 with the 3-step detox for a cleaner, more glowing you.