Common Foods That Can Cause Premature Aging

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Premature aging is something that most people try to avoid.  A lot of people are using sun screen, anti-aging cream and age-reversing serum just to reverse or prevent the signs of aging. But did you know that what goes in your body also play a crucial role in maintaining a young and glowing appearance?

Perhaps, you are already aware that alcohol and smoking can greatly damage the skin. The chemicals present in alcoholic drinks and cigarettes are the major culprits of aging but are you aware that some of the food that we enjoy eating can also contribute to aging? Here are some of the most common foods that can add years in your skin.


People avoid sugar because they know that it can make them gain weight. But did you know that there are other negative effects of eating sugar aside from weight gain. Sugar could make you age faster in several ways.  According to research, the way that our body recognizes and use sugar can help speed up body’s aging process which can make the skin look older.

Sure, you need sugar to fuel up your body. However, too much consumption may lead to negative effects and one of those is aging. When sugar works in your blood, it can help energize your body but too much can lead to several health problems liked diabetes, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease.

Trans Fat

Just like sugar, trans fat can result to stiff and inflexible skin. Trans fats or trans fatty acids are actually liquid oils turned in to solid fats. Shortening and hard margarine are some example of trans fat. About 40% of the products in the supermarket actually contain trans fat because manufacturers found out that trans fats last longer than butter without going rancid.

When trans fat enters the body, one of its negative effects is clogged arteries. This means that the blood cannot flow properly from the heart to the other parts of the body. The blood is the one the carries oxygen all throughout the other parts of the body and when it is not properly distributed, it can make the skin dull and lifeless. Furthermore, over consumption of trans fat can cause high level of bad cholesterol, higher risk of heart attack and diabetes.

Salty Food

Salty food can make the body easily dehydrated and when you are dehydrated you will more likely to feel fatigue. Fatigue can make your feel tired and worn out easily. Moreover, because salty food can cause fluid retention, it will also cause dry and wrinkled skin and it can cause cell decay. A little salt is healthy but too much intake can also cause kidney diseases, high blood pressure and it can contribute to bone degeneration.


Too much carbohydrates intake can cause damage in collagen and fibers in the skin. Collagen is the one responsible in keeping the skin springy to avoid the appearance of wrinkles. A research suggests that carbohydrates can actually manipulate the function of large groups of genes which can make aging fast. By ditching bad carbohydrates and having a low-calorie diet you can actually slow down aging process.

Some food that can make the skin age fast are unavoidable, however, the key in maintaining a youthful skin is moderation. If you can’t avoid eating these foods, eat them moderately. You can also try using the “Crazy Wrap Thing” to help you hydrate and nourish the skin to prevent premature aging.

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