Expect These Common Side Effects When You Exercise

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Yes, almost all of us already know that exercise is good for our health for uncountable reasons. It can improve physical, mental and psychological health. However, there are times when exercising can give you unwanted effects.

It is not always rainbows and butterflies when you exercise, especially if you do it in a wrong way. There comes a time when you will have a tough time dealing with its unwanted side effects. While, there are unfortunate side effects that you can never find a way to stop. There are also some that can be avoided.

Here are some of the side effects of exercise and the simplest and quickest way to alleviate these unforeseen side effects.

Gives You A Flight To The Toilet

You decided to live an active life. That’s good for you. You plan out your workout routine, get your shoes and workout outfit ready. The next day, you wake up early in the morning, just before sunrise and you started your journey to a healthy and active life. However, just when you think you are doing great, you started to feel something in your body. You may feel the need to go for a toilet, urgently.

Runner’s diarrhea usually happens after a run. There are no specific causes of runner’s diarrhea; however, it has been believe that the contributing factors are physical jostling of the organs, pre-race anxiety, stress, intestinal hormone secretion changes and decrease in the blood flow in the intestines. To avoid this from happening, it is recommended that your limit yourself from high-fiber and gas-producing foods and foods that are high in sweeteners and don’t forget drink plenty of fluids before and after running.

Eww, Sweat All Over!

Admit it; sweating is not a good way to get that hot date. But it is a part of every exercise. Your exercise is not effective if you don’t sweat. However, as you go on with your active lifestyle, you notice that your body is sweating more even if you are in a workout mode and this doesn’t look good.

You become sweatier when your body becomes fit. This is just a little downfall of regular exercise. As you intensify your workout, you condition your body which triggers your body to be prepared for the regular activities you are putting it through. This preparation includes increase muscle content, low body fat, stronger bones, lower heart rate, higher glycogen storage and worst, excessive sweating. When your body has adapted with your usual workout routine, it may find it hard to determine whether you having a warm up or you are just rushing to your office because you are late. You cannot prevent this one; all you have to do is to be prepared. You may have to bring with you face powder and extra clothes all the time.

Beautiful Body, Ugly Feet

Exercise makes you beautiful. It can make us look young and feel young; there is no doubt about it. It shapes up your body but not every parts of your body. Don’t expect to have beautiful feet. If you love running as your workout, you have to expect that your feet will become ugly… gnarled, calloused, toenail-free hooves.

But don’t worry too much. Although exercise may limit you to use cute nail polish and wear flips flops to flaunt it, only few people will really look at your feet and set this as standard of physical beauty.

Excruciating Side Stitch

Side stitch is a sudden sharp pain you feel in your side when you are running. There is no precise explanation why side stitch happens but it is believed to be connected with how our diaphragm functions whenever we run. Side stitch is believed to be a spasm in the diaphragm.

You can prevent side stitch by warming up properly before you workout and by learning the proper breathing in exercise.

When you work your body out, you expect positive results. However, your workout might give you some unwelcoming side effects. Always put in mind that exercise will never be good for you unless you make it right. Your routine should be based according to your body’s ability and needs. You can also try the “Crazy Wrap Thing” to help you achieve a toned body.

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