Shape Up for Winter with It Works Body Wraps

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Since our inception, the It Works! first product, The Ultimate Body Applicator*, is still our most popular item and the only one of its kind on the market.  This site-specific body contouring treatment has been in the hands of celebrities and at the doorsteps of people just like you all over the world. With the cold weather approaching, this is a great time to boost your health and weight loss program by using the Ultimate Body Applicator to help you Tighten, Tone & Firm* any stubborn areas that diet and exercise alone might not work on.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is unique in that the botanically based cream formula gives you tightening, toning, and firming results on any area of your body where applied in 45 minutes*.  These results are not “weight loss” results and are not “water loss” results.  Water is very important in keeping your body hydrated and we encourage drinking lots of water while using the body wrap and every day after to stay well hydrated and help your body function better.  This unique wrap also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin rejuvenation process, and deliver progressive results that typically last 2-4 months depending on health & lifestyle habits*. 

The Ultimate Body Applicator is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or children.

*Disclaimer:  Tightening, Toning & Firming results & time frame from the use of the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap AKA that Crazy Wrap Thing can and will vary from person to person.  Results are not guaranteed.














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