Skin Care Tips For Winter You Shouldn’t Ignore

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As the temperature starts to drop, so does your skin’s moisture. Winter can be your skin’s enemy – strong winter winds and dry environment can cause dryness of the skin which leads to itchiness and irritation. Chapped lips, scaly legs and cracked hands are one of the effects of the cold weather. It will be an ongoing battle with the latter and upgrading your skin care regimen is necessary to cope up with this kind of weather. Below are some tips to fight back this season to make your skin still glowing and healthy.


We all know that moisturizing is a part and a must for our skin care regimen. Yet, this is particularly this dry, cold weather. Make sure to choose a product specifically for your skin type. Hydrating your skin twice a day is an ideal moisturizing routine. It should be after a morning bath or shower and right before sleeping. Use products that are gentle and will not irritate your skin after using it.

Keep Hydrated

Although it’s winter and most of us don’t feel thirsty because of the cold weather it is important to keep our skin hydrated. We can only do this by drinking plenty of water. Also try to avoid alcoholic drinks and soda. You’ll feel less hydrated but drink up, because your skin needs it.

Shorten Your Shower Time

Cutting your shower time and cooling the temperature of your water will not feel so great in the moment when you’d like a little steam heat in your life, yet your skin will thank you later. Hot and long showers can strip your skin of its natural moisturizing oils. At least bath once or twice a day only.

Use Cream Over Lotion

The best way to protect your skin this winter choosing a moisturizer that will lock in the moisture and provide some protection of your skin’s dermis that will encourage the healing, yet will let your skin breathe. Using a thick and a fragrance-free cream instead of your traditional lotion, which is watery and block the skin’s pores. Apply cream after every shower to have a glowing skin.

Choose Healthy Food

Eating fruits and vegetables will definitely not go out of the season. Foods rich in omega-3 is recommended. Omega-3 helps in regulating your skin’s oil production. Winter also starts the holiday season, so choose and prepare healthy dishes to stay fit throughout the season. There are healthy alternatives and try to incorporate them when preparing holiday dishes.

Remember, our skin needs extra care especially this winter. [Tweet Me!] You can only do this by following the tips above to have that radiant, healthy skin. What other skin care tips do you have this winter? Share it with us through comments below.

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