Stay Healthy and Fit While Sitting At Your Desk All Day

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For people whose work involve sitting down most of the day, fitness and well-being may be difficult to fit in their lifestyle. However, you should be aware that sitting down is one of the worst things you can do to our health. Thus, you have to find ways on how to avoid the harmful effects of sitting down like weight gain, stress and increase risk of heart diseases. But how will you be able to do that?

Learn to be proactive and have a healthy habit. You need to exercise to stay health and you have to do something…to make small changes on your daily habits to prevent the health issues cause by your sedentary life.

Here are few tips you can make use of to stay fit even when you are just sitting all day.

Check Your Posture

The proper sitting posture should be observed while you are working. A good posture is important because it is the one responsible in the proper alignment of the body to properly distribute stress where it is intended for. Proper posture can prevent injury and muscle discomfort. It can also decrease your risk of degenerative arthritis.

You need to practice proper posture whether you are standing, sitting or lying down. Specifically, to have a proper posture while sitting down, you have to place your feet flat firmly on the ground while your hips and knees as at 90 degrees angle. Move your shoulders down your back; tilt your pelvis a little forward. Your ear should be aligned to your shoulders that are aligned to your hips.

Stretch And Move In Place

You actually don’t have to go anywhere to have some quick exercise. You can do it in your place. Prolonged sitting can cause discomfort and tension in your body and you can decrease discomfort and tension by stretching your body. Stretching or moving your body periodically can relieve muscle stress and discomfort because your body is not locked in one position for a long time.

Furthermore, to force your body to move you can try placing your office things like printers, telephone or fax machine out of your reach. This will force you to stand up and walk to get or use them. That way you will give your body a break from sitting too long.

Make Use Of Your Breaks

No matter how busy you are with your office works, for sure you have some time for breaks. Make use of your breaks to have a quick exercise. Even if it is just 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes in the afternoon, it’ll still give your body the exercise that it needs. Moreover, this can be a smart way to exercise if it really seems to be difficult for you to squeeze in your weekly routine. If you have 150 minutes weekly recommended workout, you can break it down to 30 minutes a day for 5 days to achieve to fitness goals.

Say No To Moving Walkways

It is the time to say goodbye to elevator, escalator and other moving walkways. Unless you work in the 40th  floor of the building, you need to consider all moving walkways your enemy. Avoid using them and opt for stairs instead. Using stairs will give time to move your body a bit that can help you relieve the tension that is cause by sitting down too long.

Walk When You Can

You can walk in going home from your office if it is near your place. You can also bike or run. But if your place is too far from where you work, you can try parking far from your office. Again, this will force you to walk a bit to get to your car.

You should not make your busy life and hectic schedule an excuse not to exercise. With an active lifestyle and a little help from “the Crazy Wrap Thing” you will be able to achieve a toned and firm skin and it can also help you maintain and improve your overall health.

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