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Cheat days can be helpful, especially when you are on a heavy diet. If you are eating at a major caloric deficit during the week, a cheat day can give you both from protection from hormonal disruption and psychological relief. A proper routine on a cheat day is not about a workout. You need to consider exercise throughout the day and drinking enough amount of water to make your routine during the cheat day as effective as possible.

Go Heavy

Training with your heavy weights during your cheat day can improve your muscle’s ability to absorb the carbohydrates in the hours following your exercise. Because of this, you should perform heavy some heavy sessions in the morning before you have eaten anything to ensure that the carbohydrates are partitioned in the muscles, rather than the fat stores. You can perform at least three sets of exercise, choosing weight that will allow you to finish at least five repetitions each exercise. The combination of compound movements can increase your ability to burn a higher number of calories at a high rate over the day.

Go Hard

As days go on and you are eating more and more, your early workout’s protective impact will wear off. In this stage, you are running the risk of gaining some body fats on your cheat day. To prevent this, just simply include a quick body weight session before a big meal after midday. Before sitting down to eat, you can sneak off and do at least thirty to forty wall presses or push ups. By doing this, it will open the metabolic pathways that direct the energy into the muscles, and not into your fat sores.


Keep Hydrated

It is essential that after your bodyweight and exercise routines to drink plenty of water. (Tweet Me!) Keeping hydrated over the course of the day can help you digest your food more efficient and helping to prevent that “stuffed” feeling on cheat days. You can be also be less likely to go overboard on what you are eating if you have enough water to help you feel you satisfied. Cheat days must certainly spike your caloric intake, yet you should not feel full to the point of being sick. Water will definitely help prevent you from reaching that point.

Get Caffeine

The final aspect of your routine during cheat day is to include a caffeine throughout the day. A caffeine can speed up your metabolism, which can increase the calorie’s rate burn on your cheat day. A cup of coffee after a morning workout, then a one or at least two cups over the course of the day. Not only caffeine can increase how fast you burn off the excess calories, yet this also acts as a diuretic, which means that you do not feel overfull after eating as you may otherwise. Just avoid sweetened coffee or with too much sugar. This routine can be helpful, especially if you are a college student who wants to stay fit despite the hectic schedule.