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Almost two-thirds of the American adults are obese or overweight according to the recent study. More than half don’t meet the physical activity guidelines required by the experts. It may sound alarming, yet there are those that is able to maintain their healthy figure. So, why are some able to stay fit while others struggle to do so? Below are some healthy habits you can start to be one of those who chose to stay fitand healthy.

Follow The 85/15 Rule

A lot of fitness enthusiasts follow the 85/15 rule. This means that eighty-five percent of the time you eat in the way that will emphasize the vegetables and fruits and high-quality foods such as fish and eggs while limiting the processed ones, then the fifteen percent of the time, you can eat whatever you want. The secret is moderation. If you are eating four meals a day, that is one of your meals every two days. That is how moderation works and that is how you do a healthy diet.

Have Fun

Many physical activities does not have to be associated with drudgery. These activities can be fun if you choose to make it so. Most successful people find enjoyment and fun throughout their fitness journey. They also experiment and do all the new things all the time to stay fit. Try to look for fun with your routine. You can also pump your work out with music. Focusing on the variation and fun will keep you fully engaged with your plan.


Be Competitive

One of the greatest motivators when it comes to staying fit and healthy is competition. The latter does not necessarily mean competing with others in a bodybuilding show or a 3k race, yet it can include some of those things. However, the best competition is the one against yourself. There is a thin line between training and working out. The latter is an exercise without a concrete plan while training is goal-oriented and structured. If you just simply worked out by simply wandering around the gym with no real purpose and do some exercise that comes into your mind, then you’d likely stop being active out of the boredom or lack of results. The bottom line is, find your inner athlete within you and compete against with yourself.

Have A Healthy Lifestyle

Those people who achieve and keep up high levels of fitness aren’t interested in short-term or the temporary fixes. You will not find them dieting for six weeks just to get into a bathing suit for a vacation or that perfect Instagram selfie. Rather, they make it a permanent lifestyle and even prioritize it for the long haul. The most successful ones make nutritious eating and training a way of their lives.



The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap AKA that CrAzY WrAp ThInG* is so EASY to use!  Just follow the steps below in the picture and you will be wrapping like a pro with your first use.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or children.

*Disclaimer:  Tightening, Toning & Firming results & time frame from the use of the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap AKA that Crazy Wrap Thing can and will vary from person to person.  Results are not guaranteed.

First, you need the following items:

Saran wrap, scissors, the correct clothes (bike shorts or yoga pants are perfect), timer and the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator. 

  • I recommend taking a before and after picture of the targeted area to compare your results.
  • You want to make sure the area that you are applying the Ultimate Body Applicator to is clean.
  • I recommend taking a hot shower before if possible to make sure the area is clean and your pores are open. If you are unable to shower that’s ok too…
  • Make sure you  cleanse the targeted area before applying the Ultimate Body Applicator.
  • Do NOT apply any lotions or perfumes to the targeted area. You do not want any barriers between your skin and the Ultimate Body Applicator.
  • Open the Ultimate Body Applicator package and carefully unfold the wrap.
  • Place the Ultimate Body Applicator directly on the targeted area you choose.
  • Make sure the body applicator lays flat on your skin.
  • Take the saran wrap and wrap it around the area 2-3 times to hold the Ultimate Body Applicator in place.
  • Do not wrap too tightly because you do not want to sweat.
  • Set your timer for a time frame between 45 minutes to 60 minutes.*
  • Sit back, relax and be ready to tighten, tone and firm*!
  • When your time is up, take the saran wrap off and remove the body applicator.
  • Do not wipe off the extra product. The goal is to have as much of the product absorb as possible so rub it in after you remove the wrap, do not wash it off.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or children.

*Disclaimer:  Tightening, Toning & Firming results & time frame from the use of the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap AKA that Crazy Wrap Thing can and will vary from person to person.  Results are not guaranteed.

Things to Remember:

  • Do NOT take a shower right away. Allow the product to be absorbed and start working.
  • Do NOT sweat when you have the Ultimate Body Applicator on.
  • Drink as much WATER as possible over the next 72 hours. The ideal amount is half of your body weight in ounces.  For example: If you weigh 150 lbs., drink at least 75 oz. of water per day.
  • Avoid high Sodium foods. 

You can only apply the Ultimate Body Applicator 1 time every 72 hours to a target area. 

Natural Remedies To Relieve The Symptoms Of Allergies

Natural Remedies To Relieve The Symptoms Of Allergies

Allergies are hypersensitive immune response of our body to external substance that either enter or come in contact with the skin. According to statistics, there are about 55 percent of the U.S population are tested positive to one or more allergens. Allergens are the substances that can cause allergic reactions to the body.  The most common allergens that can come in contact with the skin are pet dander, pollen or bee venom. In food, most cases of allergic reactions of adults come from sea foods, nuts, wheat and citrus fruit.

There are several types of allergies. Aside from the common food allergies, there is also what we call seasonal allergies, pet allergies, drug allergies and many more. When a person experience allergies he may see symptoms like rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, hives and when worse comes to worst, he may experience anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal.

This is why treating allergies in its first sign is important. Allergies at an early detection can be treated in natural ways. Here are some simple but effective ways to relieve the symptoms of allergies.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Did you know that apple cider vinegar, a centuries-old folk-remedy is actually one of the most effective remedies for allergies. Apple cider vinegar contains number of beneficial compounds like acetic and malic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C among others that help balance the pH balance of the body. This can prevent ill-health and can be a good remedy for seasonal allergies. This can also boost immune system and other body functions.

Local Honey

Although there has not been much scientific evidence that local honey can relieve the symptoms of allergies, there has been a number of anecdotal evidence from people who tried it that it is actually effective as allergy treatment. It is believe that consuming local honey can help your body adapt to the surroundings, making you immune from the allergens present in the environment.


According to experts, tea is very good for people with allergies. Tea contains natural antihistamines which can help reduce the symptoms of allergies. Histamine is the body chemical that is released during allergic reactions. Try to drink hot tea every morning it can relieve morning allergy symptoms like sneezing.

Diet Changes

If you think you have tried all and it seems that it all fails, why not try to change your diet. There are some studies that show that changing the diet can actually relieve the symptoms of allergy. There are certain foods that can make your allergy symptoms better or worse. Know the foods that can make your allergy symptoms better and try to eat more of them while you avoid foods that can make symptoms worse.

Even the common symptoms of allergies like hives can be daunting, especially when it leaves scars and redness in the skin. Although, there are topical creams the can reduce the appearance of scars and can relieve redness, you also need to provide your skin with nourishment. You can use the Body Applicator Wraps to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin to make it smooth, firm, tightened and toned.

Skincare Tips To Do For Halloween

Skincare Tips To Do For Halloween

Almost everyone loves Halloween. It’s the time of the year where you can let your hair down and messy, be someone else that looks scary and eat lots of delicious foods and candies. However, that one day of fun can also take a real toll on your skin as sugar and inexpensive cosmetic products can aggravate skin allergy, wrinkles and even acne. Before applying that heavy makeup or dip your hands in the candy bowl, read below some tips and tricks that will give you a fresh complexion throughout the holiday season.

Choose Cosmetic Products Wisely

You are going to add mounds of mascara, foundation, body paint, glitters and others just to get that spookiest look. Always make sure to check the products and read their labels. Buying cheap products may contain some ingredients that are harmful to your skin and clog your pores. Try using hypoallergenic products or organic makeup. These products will allow your skin to breathe and through the makeup and will not suffocate the pores. The bottom line, looking great for just one night only is not worth it if you end up damaging your skin after the Halloween.

Skincare Tips To Do For Halloween

Prepare Your Skin

It is also important that before applying makeup or any cosmetic products, moisturize your skin to keep it fresh and hydrated. An excessive makeup will not parch-out the skin if there is a richly moisturized face below. You can also use products like facial applicator that will make your skin look good and healthy. Don’t forget to drink lots of water before the party to keep the skin hydrated, especially when loading yourself with alcohol, sugary candies, and high-calorie foods.

Go For Dark Chocolates

Although it is hard to resist eating sweet candies on Halloween, yet there are some healthier options you can try, which is good for the skin. Try eating only dark chocolates, especially with almond nuts because they can give you some protein. Dark chocolates are better than milk chocolates and jelly candies, which are high in sugar.

Many studies already proved that dark chocolates are good for the skin and does not cause you pimples or acne. Tweet Me!

Remove Makeup Before Sleeping and Exfoliate

No matter how exhausted you already are, you need to wash your face before going to bed. If the makeup is left too long, this will clog your pores and even cause a break-out the next day. It’s best that you exfoliate and scrub away on after the party. Gently remove the makeup and rinse it thoroughly. You can use a gentle cleanser in washing your face. Exfoliating can remove the last traces of your makeup and even remove dead skin cells. Try using products that are compatible with your skin type and will not damage the skin.

Halloween is an exciting, fun event and taking care of your skin on that day is not that hard. Make sure you follow these simple skincare tips and tricks before putting that heavy makeup on. So, what’s your look this Halloween? Share it with us, because we’d love to hear from you!



As a college student, a typical schedule includes classes, studying, homework, social obligations, extracurricular activities and even a part-time job. With such a very busy lifestyle, it is sometimes difficult to find time to exercise. However, finding some time to workout can improve your concentration and focus, preventing some pounds from packing on and keeping you fit and healthy.

Your Type of Exercise

You can aim, at least 150 minutes of a moderate to intense aerobic exercise every week. Some moderate intensity exercises are brisk walking, while a vigorous intensity workout includes cycling or playing sports. Together with your aerobic exercise, you can squeeze in two or three strength training sessions every week. The strengthening sessions include exercises for all your major muscle groups such as your back, hips, chest, legs, arms and abdomen. Performing aerobic exercises can protect your heart and doing strength training can keep your bones and muscles strong. Just make sure to stretch gently before and after you exercise to improve your flexibility and prevent injury.


Your Options

Most universities or colleges, have an indoor track, swimming pool or even a fitness center available on the campus. Membership is often free or discounted for the students. Try to review first your schedule and find an extra time to fit in your exercise routine. If you don’t like doing formal workouts, then playing sports will do. (Tweet Me!) Whether it’s basketball, football, swimming and others, you can definitely benefit from it. You can also walk around the campus or bike going to your classes. Incorporate a healthy meal along with your workout routine for an effective result. Also try to break from a hardcore study session for at least thirty minutes and take a few walks or climb the stairs of your building.

Room Workouts

If your schedule will not allow you to visit a gym or join a sport, look no further than your own dorm room. While it serves as your bedroom, that space can also be your personal gym. You can clear a specific spot on the floor for jogging in place, skipping rope or using resistance bands. On your strength training days, you can do push ups, squats and lunges. You can also do some stretching exercises after getting out of bed. If you just do not like the idea of developing your own exercise routine, you can simply turn on a workout video and just follow along.

Be Motivated

With school work, cozy bed and social obligations all vying for your attention, it is easy for you to lose your motivation to workout. To help you stay on track, try to gather your friends or classmates to help you stay accountable. You can make a pact to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. As much as possible, exercise together to increase the motivation. You can also involve your roommates in your dormitory. Having time to stay fit despite the hectic schedule is not that easy. But if you are motivated and determined to have a healthy lifestyle, then everything will work smoothly.



Body wraps are all the rage, since they are one of the most effective ways to release the toxins from the body. Wrapped like a mummy and slathered in different natural ingredients, a lot of people seek these treatments because of its ability to reduce and minimize your cellulite. Unlike applying your topical cream, body wraps when done properly, can address the different skin problem inside and out. Whether you get It Works Ultimate Body Applicator or make your own at home, focusing on important aspects of this cleansing process can help you in getting more noticeable with safe results.

  • Drink at least six to eight glasses of water throughout the day. By staying hydrated both before and after you wrap will aid in flushing the toxins according to experts. It is also recommended that you should avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, sodas or beverages with too much sugar, and taking fatty foods for the next 48 hours after using body wraps.
  • Relax for at least 40 minutes to let the minerals and natural ingredients do their job. Many people who do body wraps at home prefer sitting in a bathtub during this procedure, since it can get quite messy. While on a wraps, you can read a book, listen to your favorite songs, or just simply relax. Ingredients which have a pleasing aroma, such as rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil and others can go a long way toward performing this procedure more enjoyable.
  • Taking a hot shower is also recommended. Make sure that the area where you want to apply your body wraps is clean. Hot showers can make your pores open. This will be easy for your skin to absorb the minerals and other ingredients of the wraps. You should not also apply perfume or lotions on the targeted area, because they will become barriers between your skin and the ultimate body applicator.
  • When applying the body wraps on your skin, make sure that you don’t wrap it too tightly to avoid sweating. Sweat can wear off the ingredients. Give some enough space to breath and move. After the procedure, as much as possible, don’t wipe off the extra product. You can rub them on your skin to have as much of the product absorb as possible.

Although body wraps won’t melt away easily the cellulite in your body, they provide some temporary benefits. They may help in exfoliating, cleansing and soften your skin.A healthy diet and exercise can help in losing your excess fat and make your skin look good. Stretching and yoga are also good if you want to tighten and tone your skin and get rid of cellulite and stretch marks.

Keep in mind that, body wrap results can be counteracted if you have an unhealthy lifestyle, like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk foods and high-cholesterol foods. You need to have an initiative to have a healthy lifestyle. Remember, body wraps will become more effective if you pair it with these safe and easy steps.

5 Morning Stretching Exercises After Getting Out of Bed

5 Morning Stretching Exercises After Getting Out of Bed

Warming up is essential before stretching to prevent some muscle strain. Some of these stretches do not require much time and only need a minimum amount of space. Most of us doesn’t have enough time to do it in the morning, but once you started doing it, it is really beneficial for your overall health. It is necessary before eating healthy foods for breakfast and you will start your day on a positive note.

Stretching Warm Up

When you wake up in the morning, warming up your muscles is required before performing some stretching. Morning stretches will only strain your muscles after a night of not doing an activity. You can shake your arms and your legs for an easy blood flowing. Walk around the house or jog in place to warm up the muscles. Once you finish warming up, then you can do now some stretching.

Lower-Back Stretching

If you are suffering from an early back pain, stretching your lower back will help loosen up the to muscles. You can warm up your muscles at the back by performing some easy trunk-twists and rest on your chair. Then put your hands on your knees and slowly lean forward until the upper body is parallel to the floor. Then to finish, slowly sit back up. Do this for ten times. If you can feel that your back tighten when you lean forward, then stop and sit back up. Because you just got out of the bed, you might need to warm up a some more before you resume the stretching.

5 Morning Stretching Exercises After Getting Out of Bed

Neck Stretching

Neck stretching can help in relieving the early morning pain that usually happens after sleeping. Kneel down on your floor and rest the arms on thighs. Then slowly lower the chin toward the upper chest and hold this position for at least five seconds. Next, raise your chin up and lean the head back and look up at the ceiling. Hold this for at least five seconds and repeat the whole movement for three times. Once you finish, turn the head to the right for five seconds and vice versa.

Leg Stretching

Performing some leg stretching can help your blood flow after sleeping. You can shake your legs to warm up your muscles and place your right hand on the back of a high chair and bend your left leg at your knee, reach back and grasp the left ankle with your left hand. Pull the ankle toward the butt until you feel that your left leg muscle tightens. Hold this position for five seconds, then lower the ankle back down to finish stretching.

Chest and Shoulder Stretching

Stretching the chest and shoulders will help relieve the tension after waking up in the morning. Try to shake your arms to get your blood flowing, and extend the arms out to your sides at the shoulder levels with the palms facing the floor. Then, bring your arms in and crisscross it to form an X. Next, squeeze the chest muscles and return the arms out to your sides. Repeat this exercise and finish your morning stretching routine and start your at home body wrap to tighten and tone your skin.

5 Sleep-Enhancing Foods To Eat Before Bedtime

5 Sleep-Enhancing Foods To Eat Before Bedtime

Perhaps, you are already aware how important getting quality of sleep is. Sleeping contributes to our overall quality of life. Getting enough sleep can make us look good and feel good about our body. We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping and contrary to what other people believe that it is just a wasted time, there is a magnanimous number of benefits that sleeping can provide to the body. When we sleep, our body gets to work to repair damage cells, rejuvenate and refresh the bodily functions.  Sleeping has a profound effect on our physical, mental and emotional well being. But how is the body triggered to go to sleep?

Our body has a natural hormone called melatonin which our pineal gland is producing. During the day, when the sun is still up the pineal gland is inactive, thus, the production of melatonin is low. When the sun goes down and darkness occurs, the pineal gland is turned on by the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). This initiates signals to other parts of the brain to control body temperature, hormones and other functions that play a crucial role in keeping us awake or falling asleep. When the pineal gland starts working, it produces more melatonin that would make us feel less alert which makes sleep so inviting.

The exposure to light or to darkness affects how the SCN initiates signals to other part of the brain. However, aside from the exposure to light or to darkness, food can also affect in our sleeping patterns. Let’s check out some foods that can aid us in getting quality of sleep.


According to a study by the University of Texas Health Science Center, there is about 2.5 and 4.5 ng of melatonin present in 1 gram of walnuts. This makes these tree nuts great when it comes to promoting quality of sleep. Furthermore, aside from its own melatonin, walnuts are also a good source of tryptophan; this is a sleep-enhancing amino acid that helps make serotonin and melatonin in the body.

5 Sleep-Enhancing Foods To Eat Before Bedtime


This fruit is known to be an overall health promoter. Specifically, banana also contains natural melatonin and tryptophan which makes it a good alternative for warm dairy milk to aid sleeplessness. Moreover, this wonder fruit also contain natural muscle-relaxants magnesium and potassium and carbs which can make us sleepy.

Ginger Tea

Yes, most teas have a soothing effect that can interfere with sleep but unlike other teas, a ginger tea is an ideal brew to promote sleep. Ginger tea comes from ginger root which is caffeine-free. In fact, ginger root is known to be a natural remedy for sleeping difficulties and there are studies that show it can be an effective remedy for insomnia. Ginger tea is soothing but since it does not contain any caffeine it can make you relax and it can trigger sleepiness.

Milk And Other Dairy Products

Warm milk is the most well-known sleep-enhancing food or beverage but did you know that other dairy products can also give you quality of sleep. Dairy products like cheese, milk and yogurt contains tryptophan and calcium. Calcium regulates muscle movements and it helps the brain to use the tryptophan to produce sleep-triggering melatonin.


Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in melatonin and serotonin. Fish, specifically, tuna, salmon and halibut are rich in Vit. B6, which means that they can promote good sleep. Also, although lesser-known, fish oil can also help in regulating sleep patterns and increase quality of sleep. It was thought that the reason why eating fish can help in promoting quality of sleep is because of the relationship between fatty acids in the production of various hormones and neurotransmitters.

Sleeping benefits the body is so many ways. Not only does it help us to recharge and rejuvenate the body to stay alert but it has also a profound effect in our skin. Sleeping, along with other healthy skin regimen like the use of the “CrAzY WrAp ThInG” can help nourish and rejuvenate the skin to keep it healthy.

Facial Applicator

Facial Applicator

Our exclusive It Works! Facial Applicator uses a cream-infused cloth wrap to deliver intensive and exhilarating benefits to your face.  Your skin will look and feel softer, smoother and revitalized for a fresher, more luminous and younger-looking you*.

  • Provides deep hydration*
  • Produces a lifting effect*
  • Firms, rejuvenates and invigorates skin*
  • Softens fine lines and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles*
Facial Applicator

The It Works! Facial Applicator does not contain the same ingredients as the Ultimate Body Wrap. They are specifically designed just for your face using natural soothing elements including aloe, lavender, ginseng, flower oil and green tea leaf extract.

You can pamper yourself with the Facial Applicator two times a week and use it at the same time as your Ultimate Body Wrap!

*Disclaimer: Tightening, Toning & Firming results & time frame from the use of the Facial Applicator can and will vary from person to person.  Results are not guaranteed.



People with self-confidence are admired and adored more by other people than those people with low or no self-confidence at all. People with more self-confidence in themselves tend to see the brighter side of the situation and usually this radiates in their aura that makes them more likable and respected.

However, most people have low self-confidence. A lot of them do not have the guts to show to the world what they got because for certain reasons. It is not uncommon to see people look down themselves however; this can be avoided through some healthy and natural ways.

This summer season it is a season to unleash the confidence within you. It is the season for beach weekends, outdoor parties and bike rides. Summer is has officially started and as this season offers brighter and warmer weather, it is also time to show some a little more skin and be confident about what you have and who you are.

Let’s check out some of the healthy ways that can help you boost your self-confidence.


Relieve Stress

Learn to be less reactive to stress. Learning how to handle stress better can make you release lesser level of cortisol, the hormone related to stress. When you release lower level of stress, your body will tend to release higher levels of testosterone which is known increase the level of confidence of you have for yourself.

Maintain A Daily Fitness Routine

Working out can absolutely increase self-confidence. When you workout you change your perception about yourself and about life. You develop the feeling of achievement every time you accomplish something and this can give a boost to your self-confidence.

Furthermore, it is such a rewarding feeling when you see the results of your workout. When you start looking better, you also start to feel better about yourself. This will change your attitude. You will start to develop that positive attitude which will make you feel great about your body.

Watch What You Eat

Having confidence with yourself means you are proud of who you are and how you look like.  There are several factors that can affect your self-confidence and nutrition is one of the important factors that can help you boost your self-confidence. Watching what you eat and having positive nutritional habits are essential for your overall health. A healthy body can make improve your mood and can make you feel better about yourself.

Ditch The Unhealthy Habits

You know what they say about unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking? It is self-destructing and it is in fact, true. Unhealthy habits can wreak havoc to your health. Having an unhealthy body can make you feel demotivated and eventually can make you less confident about yourself.

Having a healthy and active lifestyle is a fundamental block of building self-confidence. To boost your self-confidence, you first have to focus in maintaining a healthy and fit body. Using Body Applicator Wraps can help you in your quest to have that healthy and fit body by deeply hydrating and nourishing your skin and keeping them tightened, toned, & firmed.