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Time To Get Back On The Fitness Wagon With These Essential Tips

Time To Get Back On The Fitness Wagon With These Essential Tips

Working very hard during the first half of your year prepared you for your summer look. Yet if the most strenuous thing you did all summer just involved unfolding a beach chair, then you need a plan. By jumping back to where you left off last summer can sometimes lead to frustration at its best and even injury at worst. Here’s the essential tips you can do to get back to your usual routine safely.

Forget the Calendar

Setting a start date for next month or next week, may sound like a good way to continue your fitness plan, yet this simple task becomes complicated if you realize how many trips, events or holidays can get in the way of reaching your goals. Try to avoid thinking so far ahead. Just choose a day and start. The chances are, when you reach the potential obstacle, you will be already attached to your routine and not willing to cheat.

Do It Short and Sweet

There’s no need to commit and try to a 2 hour daily workout, especially when you are first getting back in the swing because you will just end up tired and over it. Try to start with ten minutes of brisk walking and go from there. Just make sure that you know the exercise you are going to do before you get to the strength floor otherwise you will find yourself wasting your time wondering what to do first.

Get Support

While posting on your social media accounts can help, the support from your friends in-person can never be underestimated. It provides a group of friends and adds accountability you can exercise with and get to know. Ask your close friends to join with you on your journey, join a cycling or local jogging club in a local workout class. It is also motivating to exercise with someone better than you for a healthy and fun competition.

Time To Get Back On The Fitness Wagon With These Essential Tips

Begin With One Thing

Try to set a single goal, get started and stick with it for a few weeks. If you change a lot of things at once about your daily routine, the you will be more likely overwhelmed and quit. Some examples of simple goals could be going to the gym at least three times a week or cutting out the wine during weekdays and going on a 30-minute of walk every day. Once you already stick with it for a couple of weeks, you can reward yourself by adding another fitness goal.

Clean Out The Kitchen

Aside from getting back into your workout groove, you will also need to take a look at reestablishing some good eating habits to help you get fit. You can start with your beverages. Clean out your fridge of all beverages with artificial sweeteners and excessive sugar and replace them with water, low-fat milk or coconut water. Then you can hit the condiments and replace your artificial flavorings with fresh herbs and others.